Broadband Network Services

BNS: Broadbnd Internet Services delivered using Industrial rated products and equipment. Proactivly monitored by our network team using NOCSmart Techology.

Fixed Wireless: Radio-wave communication has been around for years. But what doesn’t get old is Fixed Wireless’ proven reliability, scalability, and speed. With Fixed Wireless you harness the performance of other enterprise solutions at budget friendly prices. Each installation is custom-built according to the unique signal-path conditions at your location. Even the weather is accounted for. So what’s keeping you from choosing a Fixed Wireless solution?

NOC: Network Operations Center.

POE: Power Over Ethernet – we require a single 110 Vac outlet to power our POE injector for the external radio

Office/Home Router: Internet Gateway device providing isolation from the Internet for limited protection of  your infrastructure in addition to providing WiFi access.

No Limit Data Usage: All plans includes 1 terabyte (1,024 GB) per month, with an unlimited number of additional 50 GB blocks of data provided as needed for an additional fee.

Broadband Speed Guide:

    • Basic Service = 2 to 8 Mbps*
    • Medium Service = 10 to 20 Mbps
    • Advanced Service = More than 20 Mbps

    Measured in Mbps:

    Mbps: (Megabits per second) is the standard measure of broadband speed. It refers to the speed with which information packets are downloaded from, or uploaded to, the internet.

    FCC Consumer Guide