Fixed Wireless - Silver


Broadband Network Services (BNS) | SILVER PLAN

Our BNS Silver solution offers robust download speeds with two very affordable options.

We want to support you and your internet needs — call us today and let us take care of the rest!

8 Mbps for $64.00

10 Mbps for $69.00

Subscribing to BNS is simple

Contact one of our team members and we will determine if you are located in our current coverage area. We will confirm your requirements and schedule a team member to either perform a site visit to verify coverage or simply schedule an installation.

  • Our team will evaluate your location to determine if optimal coverage is available; this may require a site survey to ensure access to one of our tower locations.
  • A local technician will install a small radio and antenna on or near your office or house, and align it to the best-suited tower.
  • A cable is run from the radio to a small wall box inside your office or house; a POE injector is installed to power the radio.
  • Installation hardware includes a standard 19-inch mounting bracket (office building / residential eave mount) and up to 75 feet of Ethernet cabling.
  • Your office/home router is connected to the POE injector and you are ready to enjoy reliable Internet connectivity.


  • Plans are billed monthly in advance.
  • First month subscription due with installation.
  • Installation fee is a one-time charge.

Silver Level Service Plan: 

  • No Limit Data*, upload speed is 25% of the noted download speed.

Network Access Fee: 

  • Network access, equipment maintenance, and basic NOC services

* No Limit Data Usage:

  • Your plan includes 1 terabyte (1,024 GB) per month, with an unlimited number of additional 50 GB blocks of data provided as needed for an additional fee.

Setup equipment is owned by TechBridge and is warranted for the lifetime of your service plan!